Reagan Center for Communication Arts

President Ronald Reagan was called “The Great Communicator” for good reason. He understood the power of charisma, timing, and a good one-liner. The communication arts extend beyond the power of the spoken medium to social media, digital storytelling, and more. This new digital-powered landscape offers independent thinkers more opportunity than ever before to communicate, entertain, inform, and educate – disrupting the monopoly on thought and opinion.

Take a page from our award-winning filmmakers, documentarians, and senior-level content producers and social media gurus in our weekend BOOT CAMP programs.  Learn the fundamentals of production, video, broadcast design and the norms and mores of the social media-driven arts. Once upon a time, there were only three broadcast networks with a monopoly on news, entertainment and thought, The cable giants came next. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney+ and HBO Max have altered the equation once again. The disruption is all around us. Don’t get left behind. Opportunity awaits!

Remember America Foundation funding seeds new and veteran producers and their worthy projects.