Reporter William J. Kelly Lawsuit Against Mayor Lightfoot

We, the people, cannot allow Mayor Lightfoot to silence great journalists like reporter William J. Kelly to prevent him from asking her questions while she is running for re-election. Read more about our federal lawsuit against Mayor Lightfoot below.

UPDATED: Chicago reporter William J. Kelly issues subpoena to Mayor Lightfoot, CPD Supt. David Brown and the City of Chicago. See the subpoena to Mayor Lightfoot here.

Read reporter William J. Kelly’s passionate letter in defense of the First Amendment in response to CPD Supt. David Brown’s letter here.

Remember America is currently raising funds for a lawsuit against Mayor Lightfoot on behalf of reporter William J. Kelly who is been barred from covering Lightfoot’s press conferences despite having a valid press credential. If you would like to hear more or to support this First Amendment legal defense fund with a donation, please visit our group’s new GoFundMe campaign today. 

Read the lawsuit against Mayor Lightfoot we filed this week against Mayor Lightfoot here.