Remember America Action is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible non-profit foundation with  a simple mission: to transform the American educational system. To allow students from all walks of life to access the school of their choosing whether it is a private, religious, charter or traditional public school. We believe in educating the 21st-century workforce – a workforce that is behind in math, science, engineering, coding, and the digital communication arts.  Remember America advances this critical mission with educational programs and documentaries. Events and workshops that inform and inspire. Awareness creates inspiration. And inspiration creates infinite possibilities.

Remember America Action is also at the forefront of helping businesses and individuals fight COVID-19 restrictions on fundamental constitutional liberties.  President Trump is right – keeping the economy shut down is UNHEALTHY for our country. These shutdowns are destroying lives. 

Remember America is recruiting, educating, and mentoring young lawyers to do battle on right-of-center issues in courtrooms across America – from social media censorship and election law to education and discrimination. The legal battlefield will be the most important battlefield of our lifetime. Social media giants like Twitter and Facebook are censoring news and opinion to influence election outcomes. This validates Remember America’s ORIGINAL MISSION to teach young conservatives coding so we can build our own social media platforms and apps. 

For more information, please contact Remember America (312) 620-0671‬.