Fair & Honest Elections

The People of Illinois, deserve a fair, transparent, and honest election process. In order to achieve this goal, Illinois officials should request and require an AUDITED VOTE of the November 3, 2020 election ballots. This audit must be STATEWIDE, COUNTYWIDE, and CITYWIDE.

The vote must be audited so that the people of Illinois know that there is integrity in the balloting process. Right now, Illinois voters have little to NO CONFIDENCE in the election process that took place on November 3, 2020 – after the Illinois legislature rushed to pass a new mail-in ballot law, using the COVID-19 crisis as, arguably, an opportunity to reduce or eliminate voter integrity safeguards. 

Furthermore, the State of Illinois uses Dominion voting machines and software – machines and software that, it is alleged, can manipulate the vote, change votes, and mark ballots. This must be investigated. If it is determined that Dominion voting machines and software are vulnerable to fraud, we request that public officials take immediate action against the use of these machines and software and ensure that any future technology cannot mark or change ballots or be interfered with from outside third parties, either foreign or domestic.

The State of Illinois, Cook County, and the City of Chicago are also known around the world for its dirty voter rolls, with thousands of dead people and bad addresses for voters on the rolls. Illinois residents deserve honest, fair, and clean elections. We are asking public officials to clean existing voter rolls free from dead people and bad addresses. We request that they insist on meaningful signature verification standards.

If you are interested in meaningful election integrity reform, please contact Remember America Action today.